Convention 2013: Limmud

The following teachers will be presenting at our convention this year (tentative, subject to change):

Doron Bar | Dean, Land of Israel Studies, Schechter Institute
Land of Israel Studies: "Between the Western Wall and Mount Herzl: Jewish and National Holy Sites in Jerusalem: An Historical and Contemporary View"
"בין הכותל המערבי להר הרצל: מקומות קדושים יהודיים ולאומיים בירושלים, מבט היסטורי ועכשווי"

Shoshana Cohen | Tanach and Women & Halakhah, Conservative Yeshiva
"Tza'ar Leidah v' tza'ar Gidul Banim: Rethinking Fertility and Infertility in Rabbinic Law and Narrative"

Gail Diamond | Associate Director, Conservative Yeshiva
"Kol Isha -- Women's Voices: Texts and Controversies"

Alexander Even-Chen | Jewish Thought & Philosophy, Schechter Institute
Jewish Thought: "Buber and Heschel: Meeting God and God’s Eclipse"
"בובר והשל – על התגלות ו'הסתר' פניו של א-להים"

Daniel Goldfarb | Director, Conservative Yeshiva
"All the King's Women ('the King' = David)"

David Golinkin | Talmud & Jewish Law; President, Schechter Institute
Talmud and Halakhah: "Changes in the Status of Women in Jewish Law 1845-2010"

Tamar Kadari | Midrash and Aggadah, Schechter Institute
Midrash: "The Voice of My Beloved -- Behold He Approaches: Intimacy and Estrangement between Israel and God in Rabbinic Midrash on the Song of Songs"

Shula Laderman | Judaism and the Arts, Schechter Institute
Judaism and the Arts: "The Hebrew Alphabet comes Alive in Modern Israeli Art."

Joel Levy | Talmud and Practical Halakhah, Conservative Yeshiva
"Plurality without Pluralism: Reflections on Ten Years of intra-faith Dialogue in Jerusalem"

Harvey Meirovich | Jewish Thought, Schechter Institute
Jewish Thought: "Israel’s Ongoing Battle for Tolerance and Pluralism from an Historical Perspective"

Benjamin Segal | Past President, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies 
Bible: "Jerusalem from Afar: A Pilgrimage in Psalms with Texts for Study and Reading Pleasure Before or on Trips to Israel"

Diana Villa | Jewish Law and Talmud, Schechter Institute
Talmud and Halakhah: "The Agunah Dilemma: A survey of rabbinic sources with practical halakhic solutions to the problem today"

Shlomo Zacharow | Halakhah and Biblical Hebrew, Conservative Yeshiva
Are the World and the Halakha Ready for Shoh’tot?