You Shall Strengthen Them

You Shall Strengthen Them: A Rabbinic Letter on the Poor

You Shall Strengthen Them: A Rabbinic Letter on the Poor, was derived from earlier published essays by Rabbi Elliot Dorff, which became the main substance of this pamphlet. Rabbis Lee Paskind and Debra Orenstein edited Rabbi Dorff's manuscript and added a special section on the debate in the United States on welfare reform. It was published in 1999 as a collaboration by the Social Action Committee of the Rabbinical Assembly and the Joint Social Action Commission of the RA and United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

This pamphlet contains a wealth of sources that make excellent material for adult and youth study groups. We hope that this material will lead not only to heightened awareness and concern for the poor in our midst, but also lead to action on behalf of the poor in your communities. We are pleased to make this pamphlet available to you to share with the broader community.

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