Conservative /Masorti

Conservative / Masorti Movement

The Conservative movement is comprised of institutions including congregations, schools, camps and seminaries worldwide. The Rabbinical Assembly, the membership organization for Conservative rabbis has approximately 1,700 members who proudly serve the institutions of the movement, as well as the larger Jewish community. 

The philosophy of the movement, as summarized by Rabbi Bradley Artson in a pamphlet entitled, "Conservative Judaism: Covenant and Commitment," is as follows: 

It is precisely this traditional approach-which combines fidelity to inherited tradition and the courage to integrate necessary change-which motivates Conservative Judaism today. Whether asserting the equality of women, reaffirming the centrality of Shabbat (the Sabbath), kashrut (the dietary laws), tzedekah (charity/justice), and prayer, or applying timeless wisdom to contemporary issues, Conservative Judaism insists on observance of tradition and respect for visionary change. The Conservative Jewish community places its trust in its rabbis to be interpreters of halakhah and guides to Jewish life and learning. Each rabbi serves as halakhic authority for his or her community, and our rabbis collectively give direction through the Rabbinical Assembly. 

Download "Conservative Judaism: Covenant and Commitment"