Resolutions on the Environment

During the past two decades, the RA has passed numerous resolutions on a wide variety of environmental issues. These resolutions have called upon colleagues to take action both at the national and local levels.

Some of those resolutions follow below:

2020: Resolution on Living Sustainably

2019: Resolution on Climate Change and Environmental Concerns

2016: Resolution on Paris United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

2013: Resolution on Climate Change

2012: Resolution on Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States

2009: Resolution Supporting Environmental Concerns in Israel

2008: Resolution on the Environment: Green Covenant

2007: Resolution on the Environment

2005: Resolution on Global Warming and Endangered Species

2003: Resolution on the Environment and Human Health

2001: Resolution on Energy and the Environment

View a comprehensive summary of the environmental resolutions that the Rabbinical Assembly has passed.

  • At the national level, the RA has called for:
    • Members to adopt the Green Covenant, a pledge to reduce member institutions’ carbon footprint;
    • Passage of domestic legislation that would promote environmental health such as enhancing clean air standards, reducing toxic waste, regulating hazardous materials, strengthening emissions and CAFE (fuel economy) standards, protecting endangered species, and testing products for compliance with environmental regulations before they are brought to market;
    • Growing, producing and manufacturing food and food products in a way that protects the earth;
    • Combating global warming; and
    • Investing in companies that practice environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible practices
  • At the local level, the RA has called for individual homeowners, synagogues, and other institutions to:
    • Use consumables that are both recycled and recyclable;
    • Conduct energy audits;
    • Reduce waste;
    • Purchase energy from sustainable sources;
    • Use non-toxic cleaning, lawn, and garden care products;
  • On May 11-12, 2009, the RA participated in the first ever Sustainability Conference sponsored by the Jewish community.  Hosted by COEJL, Jewish groups from across the denominational spectrum participated in this conference.  The Conservative Movement (represented by various arms) presented a well thought-out and comprehensive plan for sustainability in our institutions. 
  • In addition, in 2009, the RA passed a resolution supporting environmental efforts in Israel.