Resolutions 2011

Resolution on Durban III

Whereas the book of Psalms teaches, “Guard your tongue from evil, your lips from deceitful speech. Shun evil and do good, seek amity and pursue it.” (Psalms 34:14-15);

Whereas the Rabbinical Assembly is on record with previous resolutions applauding the United Nations for rescinding Zionism is Racism (1992) and calling upon ourselves to improve relations with other races and religions (1993);

Resolution on The Commutation of Jonathan Pollard’s Sentence

Whereas the Rabbinical Assembly has passed three resolutions (1992, 1994 and 1995) supporting clemency for Jonathan Pollard;

Whereas this past year marked twenty-five years of incarceration for Jonathan Pollard;

Whereas his sentence of life in prison abrogated the plea bargain with the federal prosecutor signed in June 1986, and now leaves Pollard serving a longer sentence than any other person convicted not of treason, but of the lesser crime of spying for a friendly nation;

Resolution in Support of Immigration to The United States

"You too must befriend the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt." (Deuteronomy 10:19)

Whereas the Rabbinical Assembly has continuously and consistently advocated for the rights of immigrants in resolutions passed in 1992, 1995, 1997, 2003 and 2007, and the Rabbinical Assembly had distributed a High Holiday packet on the issue;

Whereas there is recognition of the need for appropriate border enforcement measures given legitimate security concerns and the interests of American citizens and workers;

Resolution on Health Care

Whereas Jewish law mandates that the community provide affordable health care, as evidenced in a responsum on Medical Issues: “It has been enacted that in every place in which Jews live, the community sets aside a fund for care of the sick.  When poor people are ill and cannot afford medical expense, the community sends them a doctor to visit them, and the medicine is paid for by the communal fund.” (Tzitz Eliezer [Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg, 20th century halakhic scholar]);

Resolution on Internet Privacy

Whereas the Internet has been a great advance in human communication, and in particular has provided far-reaching resources and opportunities for Jewish study;

Whereas the Internet has also opened many opportunities for invasion of privacy, including the secret collection of personal data by commercial enterprises, government monitoring of social networks, and, in our own domain, the potential of congregations loaning or renting lists to raise funds;