Savings up to 42%

Savings up to 42%

Posted on: Wednesday July 10, 2013

The RA Community Health Insurance Program can help provide comprehensive major medical insurance coverage to those with no or limited access to lower cost group/employer health insurance.

  • HSA, PPO and Traditional Health Plans for you, your family or your company.
  • Each year you do not exceed your deductible, you are given a 20% credit.
  • Plans accepted by over 97% of all U.S. physicians and hospitals!

Health Savings Account Insurance Plans

Health Savings Accounts are the most innovative approach to healthcare in years and may save you up to 42% over traditional PPO plans. Furthermore, you don’t pay taxes on the funds you deposit in your Health Savings Account. Unused funds in the account accumulate from one year to the next, and earn interest tax-free. Call today to learn more about the advantages of Health Savings Account Insurance plans.

Traditional PPO Co-Pay Health Plan

The traditional PPO plan is a cost-effective traditional plan for both everyday and catastrophic needs. You’ll be able to control your premiums without giving up benefits, and you can still choose to add optional features, like an oce visit co-pay for more protection and convenience.

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