Resolutions 2000

Resolution on Iranian Jews Accused of Spying

WHEREAS 13 Iranian Jews were arrested and jailed on suspicion of spying for Israel and for the United States; and

WHEREAS both Israel and the United States deny these charges vehemently; and

WHEREAS this situation has caused great concern among the Jewish citizens and all fair minded citizens in Iran and throughout the world; and

WHEREAS the release of three of the prisoners on bail has signified a positive step in the handling of this spurious case.

Resolution on Fair Funding for Schools in Ontario

WHEREAS the Government of Ontario is constitutionally mandated to provide
for the education of every child in Ontario; and

WHEREAS the Government of Ontario currently funds the Roman Catholic
Separate School system in keeping with the historic Confederation Agreement
of 1867 in that province; and

WHEREAS independent denominational schools completely comply with Ontario
Secondary School Diploma requirements; and

WHEREAS no comparable governmental funding is provided to Jewish, Islamic,
Sikh or Protestant private schools; and

Resolution on Amia Bombing in Buenos Aires

WHEREAS almost six years have passed since the AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aires, an aggression against the Jewish community which resulted in the deaths of 86 people; and

WHEREAS the Argentine Government has been lax in investigation, trial and conviction of the perpetrators, ignoring numerous pieces of relevant information brought to them by family and community organizations; and

Resolution on Organ Donations

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Assembly passed a resolution "On Educating Conservative Jews Regarding Organ Donations" at its May 1996 convention; and

WHEREAS every day as many as 200 people in the United States join the list of those awaiting organ transplants, with a death occurring every three hours as a result of a severe organ shortage; and

WHEREAS Jews do not constitute a proportional share of organ donors, possibly due to the misapprehension that Judaism prohibits organ transplants; and

Resolution in Support of International Debt Relief

WHEREAS the world’s poorest nations bear a crushing debt of more than $2 trillion borrowed from the world’s richest nations, from multilateral organizations and from private banks in the richest countries; and

Resolution on Support of Jews in The Military

WHEREAS Jews have served faithfully in the military, participating in the support and defense of the United States; and

WHEREAS Jewish members of the armed forces of the United States serve their country in distant locations, helping to bring peace to such places as Korea, Somalia, Kosovo, the Arabian Peninsula, and Central America.

Resolution on Prayer at Public School Sporting Events

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Assembly has consistently sought to uphold the separation of religion and state in the United States; and

WHEREAS prayers recited over public address systems at public school sporting events such as football games have been prohibited by law, most recently by the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Doe vs. Santa Fe Independent School District: and

WHEREAS nothing prevents students and athletes form engaging in private, voluntary prayers for their respective groups either before, during or after their games; and

Resolution on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

WHEREAS the prophetic call for all nations to "beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks" (Isaiah 2:4) demands an ongoing effort on behalf of every nation today to stop nuclear proliferation; and

WHEREAS in the second half of the 20th Century, over 2,000 nuclear weapon tests have affected human health and the environment in devastating ways; and

Resolution on The "Unborn Victims of Violence Act"

WHEREAS the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" (HR 2436/SR 1382) under consideration in the United States Congress treats the mother as a separate person from the fetus, in essence raising the status of the fetus to that of a person for law enforcement purposes, the first piece of Federal legislation to make this distinction; and

WHEREAS Jewish law does not recognize the fetus as an independent person as is made clear in Exodus 21:22-23; and

Resolution on The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

WHEREAS, in recognition of the importance of Torah Lishmah, the United Synagogue of  Conservative Judaism established its Conservative Yeshivah at the Fuchsberg Center for Conservative Judaism in Jerusalem to offer an intensive program of study of traditional texts and Jewish observance in an egalitarian environment for students who have completed their undergraduate studies; and

WHEREAS, the Conservative Yeshivah is in its fifth year of operation, and has grown from two to forty full-time students.

Resolution on Aliyah

WHEREAS the State of Israel was founded as a homeland for the Jewish people; and

WHEREAS we recognize yeshuv ha'aretz and aliyah as mitzvot; and

WHEREAS we recognize the central contribution made to Israel through our rabbis, professionals, and lay leaders who have fulfilled this mitzvah.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly call upon the State of Israel to support the Masorti programs of aliyah sponsored by Tnuat AM, the Movement for Masorti aliyah, and the shaliah for aliyah to the Conservative Movement in North America; and

Resolution on The World Council of Conservative Synagogues/Masorti Olami

WHEREAS Masorti Judaism is a worldwide movement whose purpose is to strengthen traditional Judaism in the modern world; and

WHEREAS the absence of Jewish religious pluralism in so many Jewish communities deprives contemporary Jews of attractive options for remaining involved as Jews; and

Resolution on a Fundraising Campaign for the Masorti Movement and Machon Schecter and Support for Mercaz Olami

WHEREAS the State of Israel is the State of all Jews; and

WHEREAS the nature of Judaism in the State of Israel has a major effect on Judaism everywhere; and

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Assembly and the Conservative Movement both realize that they must be as active as possible in promoting Conservative Judaism in Israel.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly will lead the Conservative Movement, out of solidarity with Masorti Jews all over the State of Israel, in a funding campaign to raise $50,000,000 for the Masorti Movement and Machon Schechter.

Resolution on Religious Pluralism in Israel

WHEREAS the Megillat ha-Atzmaut of Israel declares that the State of Israel will guarantee freedom of religion to all of its citizens; and

WHEREAS Jewish history has shown that the Jewish religion and the Jewish people are strengthened by a pluralistic outlook, whereby Jews embrace the spirit of the dictum that differing opinions are the "words of the living God" (TB Eruvin 13b); and

WHEREAS such religious freedom and religious pluralism will strengthen the Jewish identity of Israel's citizens of the State itself.

Resolution on Movement-Wide Support of Youth Programs

WHEREAS the needs of the Conservative Movement and especially of our youth are of utmost concerns to all Conservative Jews; and

WHEREAS staffing for our youth programs at the various Ramah camps and USY kinusim, conventions and encampments has been, and continues to be, an ongoing concern to the Movement; and

WHEREAS these youth programs are strengthened by a strong rabbinic presence.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly encourage its members to devote one week each year voluntarily to the youth programs of Conservative Judaism; and

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