Resolutions 2005

Resolution on Responding to the Humanitarian Crisis in the Sudan

“In a free society where terrible wrongs exist, some are guilty, all are responsible.”  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

WHEREAS the decades-long civil war in the Sudan has already taken 2,000,000 lives and there is an ongoing campaign of genocide to wipe out whole communities in the Darfur region;

WHEREAS as victims of genocide during the Shoah who know firsthand the consequences of silence and global indifference, the Jewish people cannot remain indifferent to the plight of those suffering in our time;

Omnibus Resolution on Social Issues

We, members of the Rabbinical Assembly, are heirs to traditions that ingrain in us an “aggressive attitude toward improving life,” exemplified in Pirkei Avot 2:20-1 “Rabbi Tarfon taught: The day is short, the task is great. You are not obliged to finish the task, but neither are you free to neglect it.”* Over the years the Rabbinical Assembly has adopted stances via resolutions passed at annual conventions on a wide variety of social issues. 

Resolution on Anti-Semitism and Divestment

WHEREAS as the intifada continues, many church spokespersons have too frequently tied the murdering of Jews to Arab poverty and frustration; and

WHEREAS anti-Semitism is once again on the rise, particularly in Europe; and

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Assembly is concerned about recent efforts by certain church groups to single out the Jewish state and weaken its economy by divestment.

Resolution on Interfaith Relations

WHEREAS we are bidden שלום דרכי מפני (for ways of peace) and הבריות  שלום מפני (for peace among all creatures) and איבה מפני (to avoid hatred) and ה׳ חילול מפני (to avoid disgrace) and העולם תקון מפני (for improving the world) to be concerned that relations with our neighbors be on the highest possible level;

WHEREAS in many areas, relations between Jewish and Christian faith groups have never been better, partly due to the impact of Nostra Aetate forty years ago and the efforts of Pope John Paul II in Jewish-Catholic dialogue;

Resolution in Support of Stem Cell Research and Education

WHEREAS there is a serious shortage of organs available for transplantation, leading to thousands of deaths each year;

WHEREAS serious illnesses and conditions leading to disability and often death may be ameliorated or cured through new technologies;

Resolution on the Israeli Peace Process

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Assembly, whose members serve as rabbis in Israel and the Diaspora, is an affiliate of the worldwide Masorti/Conservative movement, which supports the goals of Zionism as an integral facet of its commitment to the welfare of the Jewish people and Jewish culture;

Resolution in Support of the Conservative Movement World Wide

WHEREAS the members of the Rabbinical Assembly have been in the forefront of establishing institutions of our movement both in ארץ ישראל (the land of Israel) and worldwide;

WHEREAS members of the Rabbinical Assembly have committed themselves to promoting our movement in Israel and throughout the world through their sacred service and through the gathering of financial resources;

WHEREAS members of the Rabbinical Assembly are committed to a strong presence of our movement inמולדתינו  ארץ (our historic homeland); and

Resolution in Support of Mercaz Olami Electoral Campaigns

WHEREAS the worldwide Conservative/Masorti movement is represented in the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency for Israel by MERCAZ Olami; and

WHEREAS the participation in the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency has produced since 1987 an annual allocation to the programs and institutions of Conservative/Masorti Judaism in Israel which today reaches nearly $2 million in direct funding and a similar amount in program grants for the Conservative/Masorti movement throughout the Diaspora; and

Resolution on Freedom, Democracy and the Humane Treatment of Prisoners

WHEREAS President Bush and the United States of America have undertaken the furthering of freedom and democracy around the world; and

WHEREAS we support the troops and coalition forces who are in harm’s way to achieve this end; and

WHEREAS Jewish history and tradition teach that justice must triumph over violence; and

WHEREAS serious questions have been raised about the ethics of torture by any nation as a means of gaining information, even under emergency circumstances;

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