WZO Election

Posted on: Thursday January 15, 2015

Voting has begun in the World Zionist Elections. (See www.myvoteourisrael.com) MERCAZ represents us, Masorti / Conservative Judaism.  

As you well know, the WZO impacts Israel. We Conservative Jews have the chance to help shape the World Zionist Congress and, thereby, have an impact on creating an inclusive Israel by voting for Mercaz (slate #2).

The Mercaz platform is based on three values:

Religious Pluralism in Israel Did you know that Conservative rabbis cannot legally perform marriages or conversions in Israel?  This is wrong and must be changed.

Affirmative Action for the Masorti (Conservative) Movement Why should the Israeli government give millions of dollars to Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox synagogues and institutions and the 50 congregations of the Masorti Movement have to fend for themselves?

Ecology We believe that we are responsible for safeguarding the fragile ecosystem that exists in the land of Israel. 

Anyone who identifies as a Jew and is over 18 years of age can vote.  Registration can be done in 5 minutes, online at www.votemercaz.org.  The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students and young adults (ages 18-30). Once you have registered, you will be able to go and vote immediately.

We urge you to share this with your board, your membership, your family and friends.

Eytan Hammerman, Rabbinical Assembly Vote Mercaz Coordinator
Paul Drazen, USCJ Vote Mercaz Coordinator
Elliot Schoenberg, Rabbinical Assembly Vote Mercaz Coordinator