Third Night: For Every Day Miracles

By Rabbi Stewart Vogel, Temple Aliyah, Woodland Hills, CA

Maoz Tsur, Our Rock and our Redeemer, at this time of year celebrating miracles, we pray that you help us to see the miracles of life.  Just as you were with the Hasmonean rebels in their miraculous victory, open our eyes to the mystery of your presence in our own lives.  Miracles do not demand that we suspend belief in the laws of nature, but rather, they affirm belief in You.  To find the miracles of life is to find Your presence.

Nes Gadol Haya Sham-“ a great miracle happened there”….. help me to see them here.

Bayameem ha’hem-“ in those days”…and in my life.

O’ God of Miracles, let this Hanukkah be a time for us to rededicate our lives to Your miraculous presence.