Ethical Guidelines

Organ Donation Card

The inestimable value of human life is a cardinal principle of Jewish Law. This value is expressed through the religious obligation for self-preservation, as well as the duty to save the life of one's fellow human being, if he or she is in mortal danger. This religious obligation is a mitzvah of such a high order that it takes precedence over virtually all other religious duties with which it may conflict: the sick must eat on Yom Kippur; the injured are treated on the Sabbath; we postpone the circumcision of weakened infants beyond the covenantally mandated eighth day, etc.

Code of Conduct

View the code of conduct to which our rabbis adhere (also available in Hebrew and Spanish).


RA members who serve on the Va’ad Hakavod and the Gender & Power Committee are working on revising our Code of Conduct with the goal of enhancing a culture that upholds our highest standards of ethical behavior. Information can be found in the sections below: