Va’ad HaKavod Committee

Va'ad Hakavod

The Va'ad Hakavod, or the Rabbinical Assembly's Ethics Committee, is established through the RA Constitution and calls for members of the committee to be rabbis who possess maturity, wisdom and sensitivity. The chairman and members are appointed by the president with approval of the Executive Council. The Rabbinical Assembly takes seriously the behavior of its members and the committee faces the very difficult and at times complex task of examining alleged infractions of ethics, morals, religious doctrine, and halakhah of members of the Rabbinical Assembly. The hearings of the Va'ad Hakavod are confidential, and the Va'ad Hakavod has broad authority to recommend corrective actions short of suspension or expulsion. Those recommendations must go to the Executive Council for approval.

Chair: Rabbi Daniel Pressman


Rabbi Harold Berman

Rabbi Mark Bisman

Rabbi Debra Cantor

Rabbi Stephanie Dickstein

Rabbi Matt Futterman

Rabbi Laura Gold

Rabbi Adrian Gottfried

Rabbi Lilly Kaufman

Rabbi Amy Levin

Rabbi Eric Rosin

Rabbi Archie Ruberg

Rabbi Howard Stecker

Rabbi Amy Wallk


Professional Liaison: Rabbi Sheryl Katzman; Sr. Director of Member Engagement