Gender & Power Committee

Gender & Power Committee Mission Statement

The Gender and Power Committee supports the leaders and members of our Rabbinical Assembly in the creation of safe, empowered, equitable spaces.

We aspire to:

1. Cultivate transparency and accountability in the myriad of contexts that define the modern rabbinate.

2. Facilitate a consciousness of the power differentials which exist in various rabbinic relationships.

3. Advocate for those with less situational or social power.

The Committee provides resources and guidance to institute policies and practices which address both implicit and explicit bias in actionable and measurable ways. It seeks to effect both systemic and personal change and to address communal bias in our Rabbinical Assembly.


D’ror Chankin-Gould

Abbi Sharofsky


Cheryl Peretz

Danya Ruttenberg

Micah Buck-Yael

Diego Vovchuk

Sarina Vitas

Will Berkovitz

Eric Rosin

Ron Muroff

Alan Lucas

Natalie Lastreger

Stephanie Ruskay