Rabbinic Search

Rabbinic Search

Conservative shuls who are members of USCJ and looking to engage a new rabbi can advertise their job opening on the RA pulpit job board, where every RA member will see your congregation's listing. When you post your position, you agree to the Placement Rules, and agree not to post this job on any external job boards. This ensures that shuls will engage rabbis that have a strong commitment to Conservative Judaism and have been trained in a way to best meet the needs of a Conservative shul.

The Joint Placement Commission, the Rabbinical Assembly and USCJ are here to guide you in making this process a source of growth for your congregation. Conservative Rabbis are trained and experienced in helping congregations to grapple with the tasks of finding sacred meaning in Jewish Tradition while engaging fully in a changing world. Each congregational situation is unique, but the Rabbinical Assembly Career Center and your USCJ Synagogue Consultants, through years of experience working with Conservative congregations, will guide you productively through this process.

Organizations looking for rabbinic leadership may also post jobs on the RA's Organization Job Board, and are not bound by the Placement Rules.

The RA Career Center is always available for consultation. Emily Hendel, Director of Career Services, can help guide you through the steps of beginning a search. Please be in touch to schedule a thirty-minute appointment. You should expect to hear about your appointment within 48 hours. If you have website or upload issues, please email info@rabbinicalassembly.org.

Once your congregation embarks on a search, you should also be in touch with your local Synagogue Consultant at USCJ. You can find more information on USCJ's website, or you can email directly.