Miller Intro to Judaism Curriculum

The Rabbinical Assembly Partners with Miller Intro to Judaism Program (Grants Available!)

The Rabbinical Assembly is pleased to announce its official adoption of the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program, created by American Jewish University, as a highly recommended curriculum for our kehillot in North America to use with conversion candidates and others seeking to find their home in our community. 

The Intro Program provides an exceptional, eighteen unit, foundational curriculum - which can then be supplemented and made your own as you guide your students on a path to Jewish belonging. AJU's Intro curriculum can be taught both in-person and online, and they are working to create additional resources to help teachers adapt to distance learning.

Of course, we recognize that our colleagues may wish to use other curricula as well, and this is not meant to replace those programs. In order to make bringing this program to your community even easier, the RA is glad to provide a $100 subsidy for new communities who adopt the Intro Program. In order to receive the subsidy, please forward confirmation of adoption of the program, including the receipt, and where and to whom to send the check, to

In addition, if you are not able to offer a local introduction to Judaism course in 2020, AJU warmly invites your students to sign up for one of their online cohorts, with new classes beginning each month (see schedule here). A local, sponsoring rabbi is required for anyone potentially seeking conversion. Please contact for any questions.

Additionally, the National Center to Encourage Judaism has awarded the RA a significant grant for colleagues to use primarily for promoting conversion education programs like this one. Please see information about the grant and the application form here. Please be sure to indicate the specific funding you are requesting when you submit your application. If you have questions, please be in touch with Max Arad at

To receive a sample of the curriculum and learn more about bring the AJU's Miller Introduction to Judaism Program to your community, or to connect your students with an online class, please contact Deborah Engel Kollin, Relationship Manager at AJU: