Statement on the Israeli Election

Posted on: Wednesday September 18, 2019

On Tuesday the State of Israel held an unprecedented second election after an election in April resulted in a close vote that will require an extended period to form a coalition. While the results are not yet final, one thing is obvious: One of the main issues that the Israeli public voted for in these elections is religious freedom.

The members of the Rabbinical Assembly stand steadfast with the citizens of Israel in this priority. Regardless of who ultimately forms a government, we call for a coalition that would implement freedom of marriage and equality for all streams of Judaism and the full and faithful implementation of the historic and fully-negotiated compromise with regards to the Kotel - the Western Wall.  

In the aftermath of this election, it is clear that the Israeli public voted with the motivation that some fundamental issues need to be solved once and for all. We call upon both major party leaders, and the leadership of other parties, to use their power to form a solid and lasting coalition that will truly resolve these challenges and unify the citizens of the State of Israel.

As we routinely pray, Avinu she-ba-shamayim, stronghold and redeemer of the people Israel: Bless the State of Israel [that it may be] the beginning of our redemption. Shield it with Your love; spread over it the shelter of Your peace. Guide its leaders and advisors with Your light and Your truth.