CJ Classics: America

Posted on: Friday June 27, 2014

In recognition of America's Independence Day, we've gone into the archives and found these articles that relate to Judaism in America. Take a look!

  • The Role of Judaism in America By Jack Reimer, Fall 1961 (Vol.16 No.1)
    "...There are two tasks that confront American Jews. One is to make an 
    American kind of Judaism. The other is to help make a Jewish kind of America..."
  • The Integration of the Jew in Contemporary America By Will Herberg, Spring 1961 (Vol. 16 No. 3)
    "Throughout the long history of the diaspora, the integration of the Jew into his environment has in major part been conditioned by the forms and structures, by the necessities and pressures, of the larger society in which he has found himself..." 
  • The Two Religions of American Jews: A Provocation for the Sake of Heaven By Adam Garfinkle, Winter 1996 (Vol. 48 No. 2)
    "...Most American Jews have two reli­gions, Judaism and Americanism, and you can’t have two religions any more than you can have two hearts or two heads..."
  • American Civil Judaism and Israeli Civil Religion By Joseph Schultz, Fall 1993 (Vol. 46 No.1)
    "...Civil Judaism is the common faith for American Jews. It is the glue that holds together the diverse varieties of communal and personal Judaism practiced in the United States..."
  • Bicentennial Reflections on America and Israel by Stanley Rabinowitz, Summer 1976 (Vol. 30 No. 4)
    "...As America recognizes Israel’s indispensability to the survival of the free world, she reflects her com­mitment to the promise of her origins, the legend inscribed on the bell: “Proclaim liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof...”


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