International Seminar for Halakhic Study, Fall 2020

The CJLS is sponsoring the International Seminar for Halakhic Study, a day on which Conservative/Masorti communities will come together to study a specific teshuvah of the CJLS.
In the Fall 2020 International Seminar for Halakhic Study, we will study egalitarian marriage with the teshuvot by Pamela Barmash and Gail Labovitz. The teshuvot and teaching materials are available below:

Please also watch this video introduction by Rabbi Pamela Barmash below:


We recommend scheduling the International Seminar during the week of November 22, 2020, but feel free to schedule it when it’s best for you and your community. This program is aimed at helping you teach the teshuvot of the CJLS to your community.
The purpose of the Seminar is to show how our spiritual values and ethical ideals shape our halakhic practice, to emphasize the importance of halakhah and the study of halakhah among Conservative/Masorti Jews, and to create a sense of a world-wide community among Conservative/Masorti congregations and schools.

Participants will engage in a number of the key texts of the teshuvah. After studying the teshuvah, the rabbi and participants will discuss the merits of different approaches.

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If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Pamela Barmash.

We thank JTS for co-sponsoring this seminar.