Statement on the Recent Violent Attacks by Israeli Jewish Extremists

Posted on: Monday December 19, 2011

The Rabbinical Assembly reacts with horror at the increasing and wanton violence carried out by extremist Israeli Jews last week. Their attacks on the IDF last Tuesday at an army base in the West Bank, and the torching of a mosque in Jerusalem on Wednesday are only recent examples of this brazen behavior.

Our 2010 Resolution on Civil Discourse quotes Rabbi Israel Salanter in saying, “Be vigilant in protecting the honor of all people, especially those with whom you disagree.“ In resorting to violence, these extremists have greatly dishonored those with whom they disagree.

We affirm Prime Minister Netanyahu’s accepting the recommendations of a special task force on Jewish extremists' violence composed of top security officials calling for trying the rioters in military courts; giving the Israeli army the authority to detain demonstrators; and increasing the number of investigation teams and resources to conduct investigations.