Rabbinical Assembly Publishes Names of those Expelled or Suspended for Code of Conduct Violations

Posted on: Tuesday October 19, 2021

As previously reported, the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) is undertaking an extensive review and update to its Code of Professional Conduct, as well as the procedures by which the Code is enforced. As the next step in this ongoing review of how the RA handles complaints and allegations of misconduct against its rabbis, the RA has posted the names of expelled and suspended colleagues on the public facing website of the Rabbinical Assembly. Previously, notifications of expulsions and suspensions were publicized through the RA’s Newsletter and through direct communication with partner organizations. 

“The publication of the names of those who are in violation of our Code of Conduct is one more step in our ongoing commitment to transparency,” says Rabbi Daniel Pressman, Chair of the Va’ad HaKavod. Rabbi Sheryl Katzman, Senior Director of Member Engagement for the RA shares, “As a society we have learned the dangers when we fail to speak up and speak out. The work of revising and updating the RA Professional Code of Conduct is part of our sacred obligation to continuously improve our practices that help to maintain and create safe communities.”

Each posting on the website, listed in alphabetical order, notes the rabbi’s name, date of the decision, and the violation (citing the section number and descriptor found in the Code of Conduct). In the case of suspension, the list of terms of the suspension will be noted. The names of suspended rabbis will be removed from the website when the rabbi fulfills the terms of the suspension, and an announcement of reinstatement to good standing will be made in such instances. Names of expelled members will be removed from the website within 30 days following the death of the rabbi, or as soon thereafter as the RA learns this information.