Rabbinical Assembly Denounces Inflammatory Anti–Muslim Rhetoric

Posted on: Thursday December 10, 2015

NEW YORK – The Rabbinical Assembly, the international association for Conservative/Masorti rabbis, has become increasingly troubled by growing inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric. The organization released the following statement:

In recent weeks, especially following the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, CA, we have seen a troubling increase in divisive and incendiary rhetoric in our public discourse. We are a country of immigrants and one founded on religious freedom and it is completely unacceptable for public figures to promote conversation that supports discrimination against a particular group based on their identity.

As a Jewish people, we are sadly all too familiar with where the path of discrimination and bigotry lead. It is inexcusable to stigmatize or discriminate against a group based solely on religion or race. Of course, we recognize the need to be vigilant in providing security and protection from those who seek to do our country harm, but discriminating against an entire religion is wrong and dangerous.

We must not allow our legitimate fears of terrorism and groups like ISIS to turn us toward hate and bigotry. We must stand by our values as Jews in calling for civility in public discourse and the denouncement of such troublesome rhetoric.