RA Expresses Support for Israel

Posted on: Friday November 16, 2012

NEW YORK – Over the past week, Hamas has launched more than 350 rockets and mortars into Israel.  As Israel takes action to protect its people and its borders, today on behalf of the Rabbinical Assembly, Gerald Skolnik, RA President, and Julie Schonfeld, RA Executive Vice President, issued the following statement expressing the RA’s support for Israel:

As sirens sound across southern Israel, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Rabbinical Assembly condemns in no uncertain terms Hamas’ recent criminal, terrorist actions, which have left Israelis dead, wounded and fleeing for safety.  Hamas has carried out indefensible attacks against innocent citizens, and we stand with Israel as it seeks to defend its people and its borders.  These missiles serve no purpose but to terrorize, maim and kill non-combatants.  No political posture or claim can justify these unprovoked violent actions against the citizens of Israel.

In contrast to the vision conveyed in Micah Chapter 4, Verse 4, of some future time in the land of Israel, when “shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig-tree; and none shall make them afraid,” Israeli’s people once again find themselves hiding from the senseless attacks of randomly aimed missiles.

We call upon world leaders and the United Nations to unite and act swiftly to put an end to these murderous attacks, and we pray for the peace of Israel and its neighbors.