RA Congratulates President Obama On His Reelection

Posted on: Wednesday November 7, 2012

NEW YORK – Julie Schonfeld, executive vice president; and Gerald Skolnik, president, congratulate President Obama on his reelection to a second term, as well as Governor Mitt Romney on his campaign, and released the following statement: 

Our movement’s 1,700 Conservative rabbis, from across not only the United States but also the world, today congratulate President Obama on winning a second term. We are a diverse and yet unified group with a shared focus on the need to better our communities, country and the world around us. Just as we come together to build consensus as an organization representing all political streams and points of view, our government must work together, across both sides of the aisle and the political spectrum, to improve the economy and opportunities for all Americans.

The catastrophic events wrought by Hurricane Sandy last week not only have affected many of our rabbis very close to home, but also demonstrate the tremendous need for the country to put aside differences in a unified effort to rebuild infrastructure and address the disastrous impact of climate change. Once again, we are struck by the reality that our nation is vulnerable, the fabric of our society breakable. The time to combine forces is now; there is no time to waste.