Conservative Movement Expresses Concern Over Advancement of Judicial Reform Proposals in Israel

NEW YORK, NY (July 11, 2023)

Conservative Movement Expresses Deep Concern Over Advancement of Judicial Reform Proposals in Israel

New York, NY – The Rabbinical Assembly, the Cantors Assembly, and United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism have consistently and actively supported a strong, Jewish, democratic, and religiously pluralistic State of Israel. We therefore express our deep concern at the news of this week’s vote in the Knesset supporting the initial version of a bill that would limit courts’ ability to review government actions. 

An independent judiciary is the bedrock of a free society. The government’s reform plans threaten to undermine Israel’s status as a democratic state and one that reflects the principles established in Israel’s Declaration of Independence.   

The growing intensity of the demonstrations around Israel indicate that hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens are demanding a renewed commitment to Israel as a beacon of democracy.

During these days of “Bein Hametzarim” -  the three weeks in which we commemorate the destruction of both Temples and the extremism and zealotry that led to the destruction of the Second Temple - we urge the government to withdraw this self-serving, unilateral legislation and return to the negotiating table under the auspices of President Isaac Herzog.

The unity and safety of both the State of Israel and klal yisrael are at stake. Our expectation is that the government and law enforcement authorities will continue to honor the right to peaceful protest as behooves a democratic state.