Conservative Movement Commends White House Antisemitism Plan

NEW YORK, NY (May 25, 2023) "The Rabbinical Assembly welcomes the groundbreaking release of the US National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism by the Biden administration. This comprehensive strategy, encompassing over 100 actionable measures, demonstrates a resolute commitment to raising awareness about antisemitism and its threat to American democracy, as well as protecting Jewish communities and fostering cross-community solidarity.

“We commend the Biden administration's dedication to addressing the painful normalization of antisemitism and reversing its damaging impact. The ten highlighted actions underscore the multifaceted approach required to combat antisemitism effectively. The emphasis on Holocaust education, particularly in K-12 schools and college campuses, lays a vital foundation for nurturing understanding and eradicating bigotry.

“We also laud the commitment to enhancing hate incident reporting and strategic partnerships between federal agencies, including the FBI and National Counterterrorism Center. Conducting annual threat assessments on antisemitic drivers of transnational violent extremism reflects a similar proactive approach to safeguarding communities from harm. We deeply appreciate the Administration's unequivocal stance against antisemitism and its commitment to calling out those who propagate hate.

“As rabbis dedicated to promoting understanding, justice, and compassion, we look forward to collaborating with the Biden administration, Congress, and all stakeholders involved to ensure the effective implementation of this timely and historic initiative.”