The CJLS has published several teshuvot related to different disability topics.

In this teshuvah, James Rosen teaches about intellectual disabilities and advocates for supporting group homes in our neighborhood.

Daniel Nevins in this teshuvah teaches about the status of the blind in the Jewish community and offers many ways that the blind can participate in the service.

Pamela Barmash in this teshuva and in this appendix teaches about the status of the deaf in the Jewish community and advocates for ways the deaf can participate in the service, including reading Torah. Other members of the committee offered concurring opinions highlighting other aspects related to the deaf: Daniel Nevins and others | Avram Reisner and others | Elliot Dorff and Elie Spitz.

Some members of the CJLS wrote reflections on their experiences discussing these teshuvot and trying to embody the values of inclusion and access in halakha.