Watch Now: Unconscious Bias and Diversity Trainings

Posted on: Tuesday January 28, 2020

The Joint Placement Commission of the RA, USCJ, Ziegler and JTS is committed to fair and equitable hiring processes and pay scales for all rabbis. We are pleased to offer two different sessions for search committee members designed to help you and your community overcome implicit bias and/or unintended gender imbalance in the hiring process. These trainings build on trainings that have been done for students who will be interviewing with you and are part of a holistic effort to advance the Conservative Movement's work on gender equity.

Watch Now: December 16 – Overcoming Implicit Bias

Our Jewish tradition calls upon us to see each person as a unique manifestation of God. Still, it can be hard to avoid holding implicit biases - assumptions, stereotypes, and unintentional actions we make toward others (positive or negative) based on identity labels like race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. In a rabbinic search, this can be detrimental to finding the best candidate fit for your community. In this session, we will identify the biases people sometimes hold as they evaluate and interview rabbis, explore ways to overcome them, and provide tools for you to use in your own community to raise awareness and overcome unintended biases toward candidates.

Watch Now: January 27 - Understanding Why and How to Create a Safe and Healthy Workplace Which Translates into a Sacred Community for All

Join expert Fran Sepler of Sepler & Associates for a 90-minute training. Sepler has decades of experience helping public and private organizations throughout the country create comprehensive initiatives to understand, prevent, identify, investigate and remediate misconduct in the workplace.  This training is made possible by funding from the Women’s Rabbinic Network and their grant from the Safety Respect Equity Coalition.