Livestreaming Seders

Posted on: Thursday April 2, 2020

We are providing this spreadsheet with links to live-streamed sedarim as a way of helping you enhance your seder or provide a seder to you if you are not able to run a seder in your own home. Special thanks to Adam Kligfeld, who was the first to volunteer to open his seder to the broader community.

CJLS Guidance on Livestreaming Seders:

There should be a seder plate at each location, but at the very minimum, every participating location should have access to wine or grape juice, three matzahs, karpas (any green vegetable), maror (any bitter vegetable, such as horseradish, endive, other bitter greens), and salt water.

Activating a recording device on Yom Tov is a violation of Yom Tov. Therefore, if a stream is initiated on Yom Tov, we prohibit activities where one might be tempted to perform forbidden labor if something goes wrong. We are aware that that strong temptation exists to do so here if technology fails, and we urge people to be mindful of ways to limit any violations that might result if that happens. We suggest that those linking to a livestreamed seder:

  1. Log in through a simple press of a button on an app, or clicking a link, on a device which is already activated, rather than by typing, and without having to “wake up” or turn on the device.
  2. Use a virtual assistant, like Siri or Alexa, to activate the stream.
  3. Do so only after dark of 2nd day Yom Tov, when the first day of Yom Tov has ended.

There is more leniency to activate the stream in one of these ways for a person who is known to be ill, or has a heightened risk for harm from infection, or suffers from a disability.