CJ Classics: The Rabbi

Posted on: Tuesday February 21, 2012

"It is rare indeed that we have the opportunity to comprehensively view what we together have accomplished through and across time as a Conservative rabbinate, and the impact our collective rabbinate has had on the history of our people and its well-being...

"What is thrilling is that in these pages and statements we find represented three generations of rabbinic experience woven together in a tapestry of voices."

- Joel Meyers, RA Executive Vice Presidents Emeritus, in his introduction to Part One of Celebrating 100 Years of the Rabbinical Assembly.

These CJ Journal Classics celebrate the Conservative rabbinate.

  • Celebrating 100 Years of the Rabbinical Assembly from fall 1999 (Vol. 52 No. 1) through summer 2000 (Vol. 52 No. 4)
    • Part One: Influences
      Includes contributions from Joel T. Klein; Albert L. Lewis; Shalom J. Lewis; Alex J. Goldman; Gerald I. Wolpe; Armond E. Cohen; Judah A. Nadich; Moshe V. Goldblum; Michael N. Ungar; Henry A. Sosland; Samuel B. Press; Joshua Stampfer; Amy Eilberg; Susan P. Fendrick; David Bockman; Gershon Schwartz; Sheldon Dorph; Burton Cohen; Ron Isaacs; Kenneth Bromberg; Ezekiel N. Musleah; Louis Kaplan; Leonard Lewy; Lionel Moses; and Stephen Chaim Listfield.
    • Part Two: Seminary Years
      Includes contributions from Aaron J. Tofield; Jack J. Cohen; Stanley S. Rabinowitz; Mayer Abramowitz; Albert L. Lewis; Joshua Stampfer; Hillel E. Silverman; Sol Landau; Harry Z. Sky; Myron M. Fenster; Jacob Shtull; Aaron Landes; Murray Stadtmauer; Jack H Bloom; Morton H. Narrowe; Daniel J. Levitt; David Geffen; Jeffrey A. Wohlberg; Herbert Yoskowitz; Richard Hammerman; Ron Isaacs; Martin S. Cohen; Gershon Schwartz; Gerald C. Skolnik; Gil Nativ; Dario Feiguin; Amy Eilberg; and Danny Nevins
    • Part Three: Community
      Includes contributions from Susan Grossman; Reuven Hammer; Martin S. Cohen; Randall J. Konigsburg; Margit Baumatz; Gil Nativ; Gordon Freeman; David Bockman; and Douglas D. Weber.
    • Part Four: The Rabbinic Mission
      Includes contributions from Jeffrey A. Wohlberg; Sheldon Dorph; Bernard Glassman; Samuel Chiel; Leonard J. Levy; Amy Eilberg; Gordon Freeman; Sidney S. Guthman; Tobias Rothenberg; Seymour Rosenbloom; Jonah Layman; Joseph Krakoff; Harry Z. Sky; Daniel Nevins; Shalom J. Lewis; Mervin B. Tomsky; Vernon Kurtz; David Booth; Gershon Schwartz; Joshua Hammerman; and Reuven Hammer.
  • The Soul of a Rabbi's Work by Bradley Shavit Artson, summer 2000 (Vol. 52 No. 4)
  • The Changing Paradigm of the Conservative Rabbi by Neil Gillman, winter 1991 (Vol. 43 No. 2)

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