Resolution Regarding the Capture of Saddam Hussein and a Free and Democratic Iraq

Whereas Saddam Hussein initiated two aggressive wars against neighbouring Iran and Kuwait;

Whereas Saddam Hussein is responsible for the execution of tens of thousands of Iraqi political opponents, Shiite Muslims and Kurds, the expulsion of ethnic minorities in Northern Iraq and the use of chemical weapons in 1987 and 1988 when approximately 100,000 civilians were killed;

Whereas Saddam Hussein during the First Persian Gulf War for the liberation of Kuwait maliciously and without provocation launched multiple Scud missile attacks against the State of Israel; and

Whereas the people of Iraq as a result of the aforementioned and many more despicable acts of cruelty, intimidation and terror have been denied the rule of law and the most basic of human rights and freedom;

Therefore be it resolved that the Rabbinical Assembly congratulate the United States of America, its coalition partners and the men and women serving in their Armed Services on the capture of Saddam Hussein and call upon the Governing Council of Iraq, the United States and the United Nations to conduct a fair and public trial of Saddam Hussein according to the rules of International Law so as to expose the aforementioned atrocities to the world and to punish those found guilty of said crimes.

Be it further resolved that the Rabbinical Assembly encourage the Governing Council of Iraq, the United States and the United Nations to rebuild the infrastructure of Iraqi society and to reconstruct its institutions of government, so as to provide for the Iraqi people a society based on law, democracy, justice and freedom.

Passed by the Rabbinical Assembly Plenum, February, 2004