Resolution on the Peace Process

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Assembly since its founding has fervently supported a Zionist ideology as integral to the Jewish People;

WHEREAS Israel is a vibrant democracy where all political issues are thoroughly debated;

WHEREAS the United States plays an integral role in facilitating Israel’s efforts to make peace with her neighbors
(e.g., Camp David Agreement with Egypt in 1977 and Treaty of Peace with Jordan in 1994);

WHEREAS Israel, despite a long history of war, terrorism and isolation, continues to exhibit willingness to take risks and make difficult concessions in exchange for peace; and

WHEREAS the international community, in agreement with the United States and Israel, demands that the Palestinian Authority and any Palestinian organization that may join the PA renounce terrorism, agree to abide by previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements and recognize the State of Israel.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly express solidarity with the citizens and democratically elected leadership of Israel as they pursue peace and security;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly express its great appreciation for the support the United States has provided Israel throughout her history; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly applaud the efforts of the United States, its President and Secretary of State, during the recent Annapolis Conference and in its continuing determination to work with Israel as a partner, refraining from imposing solutions, in its efforts to help Israel reach a just and lasting peace with her neighbors.

Passed by the Rabbinical Assembly Plenum, February, 2008