Resolution On the Kotel Plaza

Whereas the Kotel Ha’Maaravi has been an eternal symbol of hope and unity for the entire Jewish people;

Whereas Jews the world over yearn to pray and celebrate by the Kotel in keeping with their various customs;

Whereas the Kotel Plaza has served as a place where men and women may gather and pray together in keeping with their varying customs since 1967;

Whereas the current construction in the Kotel Plaza, resulting in extending the area separating men and women and reducing the public space, is a unilateral change in the established custom of the Plaza (minhag hamakom) and an affront to many Jews the world over.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Rabbinical Assembly urge the Government of Israel to halt this construction and reaffirm the Zionist ideal of the Kotel Plaza for the entire Jewish people.

Be it further resolved that the Rabbinical Assembly take positive steps to implement this resolution.

Passed by the Rabbinical Assembly Plenum, February, 2004