Resolution on the Current Economic Crisis

“These are the deeds that yield immediate fruit and continue to yield fruit in the world to come: honoring parents, doing deeds of lovingkindness, making peace between one person and another and the study of Torah is the most basic of them all.” (Mishnah Peah)

Whereas the global economy is currently in crisis, millions of people have lost their jobs or are in danger of losing their jobs, and food prices have escalated worldwide;

Whereas the most powerless members of our society, including low-wage workers, residents of developing countries, and women suffer the most as a result of this global economic crisis;

Whereas all members of our community are affected, whether through unemployment or underemployment, losses in savings or retirement investments, foreclosure, or other challenges;

Whereas our own institutions have suffered financially from loss of dues income, reduced contributions, and losses in investments; and

Whereas our tradition teaches that one of the most important mitzvot for all Jews is that of providing for others.

Therefore be it resolved that the Rabbinical Assembly encourage its members and the institutions they serve to continue to provide tzedakah to those in greatest need within even reduced budgets;

be it further resolved that our rabbis offer spiritual comfort to those suffering the effects of this economic downturn, offer material assistance, set up employment networking opportunities in our institutions and communities, and partner with local agencies providing these services ; and

Be it further resolved that members of the Rabbinical Assembly encourage the institutions they serve to ensure that their members continue to find a home in our communities, regardless of their financial situation.