Resolution on Containing the Threat from Iran

The Rabbinical Assembly is already on record stressing the need for the United Nations and individual countries to act to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear capability.
Recently, the United States issued a National Intelligence Evaluation which is equivocal at best. It utilizes such language as having “moderate confidence” that Iran’s weapons program is not underway and at the end of its report indicates the ease with which its nuclear weapons program can be activated.
The nature of the Iranian regime and its policies have not changed.  Iran continues to export and support terrorism, proclaim its desired destruction of Israel, and its intention to destroy the United States and other Western governments.
Therefore we wish to reiterate the substance of our Resolution on the Threat from Iran passed by the 2007 International Rabbinical Assembly Convention.


WHEREAS a nuclear Iran poses a threat to many countries in the world, the international economy and world-wide oil markets;
WHEREAS Iran has been clear about its intention to destroy the United States, Israel and other Western countries and a nuclear Iran would destabilize much of Asia and prompt a nuclear war; and
WHEREAS it is known that Iran directly and indirectly funds Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly support efforts to stop Iran from progressing toward its goal of achieving nuclear capability;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly urge the United States, Canada, other countries where RA members reside, and the United Nations to prevent Iran from supporting and supplying Hamas, Hezbollah Islamic Jihad and any organization seeking to attack the people or the State of Israel;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that members of the Rabbinical Assembly increase awareness of a nuclear Iran by speaking about this topic from the pulpit, by inviting expert guest speakers to their synagogues, schools, Hillels and other institutions and by writing editorials for their local media; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly encourage all companies doing business with Iran to divest themselves from all economic and business interactions with the government of Iran.

Passed by the Rabbinical Assembly Plenum, February, 2008