Magen Tzedek

The mission of the Magen Tzedek Commission is to bring the Jewish commitment to ethics and social justice directly into the marketplace…and the home. The Commission’s seal of approval, the Magen Tzedek, will help assure consumers that kosher food products were produced in keeping with the highest possible Jewish ethical values and ideals for social justice in the area of labor concerns, animal welfare, environmental impact, consumer issues and corporate integrity.

The Magen Tzedek, the world’s first Jewish ethical certification seal, synthesizes the aspirations of a burgeoning international movement for sustainable, responsible consumption and promotes increased sensitivity to the vast and complex web of global relationships that bring food to our tables.

The Magen Tzedek Commission recently created a final set of Standards for Magen Tzedek certification. This study guide summarizes each of these standards as well as some of the halakhic underpinnings for the standards. For more information about Magen Tzedek, visit