Key Medical Coverage and Ancillary Benefits

Posted on: Wednesday July 10, 2013

The RA Community Health Insurance Program includes key medical coverage and ancillary benefits:

  • Premium savings over many personal health insurance plans
  • Comprehensive cost-saving Rider option available that significantly reduces or waives deductibles and co-insurances for preventive care, critical illness, and accidents and injuries.
  • A variety of coverage choices, including traditional plans and high deductible plans with Health Savings Accounts
  • Shrinking deductible (20% deductible credit each year it is not met)
  • 10% healthy member discount and preferred rates
  • Optional PPO or traditional health plan with extensive networks
  • Plans with a $20, $25, $30 or $40 co-pay for doctor visits
  • Wellness benefits and prescription drug card 
  • Worldwide coverage, 24-hours a day
  • Dental and vision insurance available with or without medical insurance

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