International Seminar for Halakhic Study, Spring 2019

The CJLS is sponsoring the International Seminar for Halakhic Study, a movement-wide seminar in which Conservative/Masorti congregations, communities, and schools will come together to study a specific teshuvah of the CJLS. 

The teshuvah selected by a survey of RA members was “Wired to Hakadosh Barukh Hu: Minyan Via Internet” by Rabbi Avram Reisner. Our focus in 2019 was on the spiritual values of communal prayer in a time of technological change.

The purpose of the International Seminar for Halakhic Study is to generate energy and excitement around the Conservative/Masorti halakhic process that defines our movement’s approach to Torah. We want to show how our spiritual values and ethical ideas shape our halakhic practice and to create a sense of a world-wide community among Conservative/Masorti congregations and schools. We hope to emphasize the importance of halakhah and the study of halakhah among Conservative/Masorti Jews.


Program video:

Here are the resources provided:


We thank JTS for co-sponsoring this seminar.