Each year the Rabbinical Assembly passes a number of resolutions on pressing matters impacting the countries and regions where we live, the State of Israel and the future of our shared world. Passing the resolutions allows the RA to take positions on inyanei d’yoma (issues of the day) in a variety of arenas including US domestic policy, and on occasion in other countries, global issues and matters affecting the State of Israel.

Below is a list of resolutions that the RA has passed with regards to interreligious dialogue and relations.


2016: Resolution Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry and for Jewish-Muslim Dialogue

2016: Resolution on Persecuted Christians

2013: Proclamation Congratulating Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio on His Election as Pope

2010: Resolution on the Presbyterian Church (USA) Middle East Study Committee Report

2008: Resolution on the Revised Latin Text on the Jews

2005: Resolution on Interfaith Relations

2005: Resolution on Anti-Semitism and Divestment

2003: Resolution In Support of Faith in Action Project

2002: Resolution on Interreligious Dialogue