We Will Run Again: A Prayer in the Wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing

by Lilly Kaufman

We Will Run Again

You tried to destroy exhilaration.
The moment of exhausted joy,
muscles burning, 
the end in sight,
a personal best,
a moment multiplied
by the achievement of many.
   We will run again.

You tried to destroy commitment.
An immense gathering 
of disciplined bodies and minds.
The only day more disciplined
in their lives
was every day.
   We will run again.

You tried to break families, children,
friends cheering on.
You tried to break hearts.
That, you have done.
We will take our time to mourn
and to heal.
   And we will run again.

You tried to wound a great city
at the foot of its great library
where the great stories reside
of heroes who made common cause
out of liberty and justice for all.
   This idea you cannot kill.

Our heroes this day
ran toward the dead and and injured,
toward every hurt and frightened 
who needed them.
   We will run again, with their help.

We pray today 
for those killed and harmed,
for those who love them,
for strength for what is ahead,
and for the return 
of beautiful days.
   We will pray and pray again.

Kovei Hashem yarutzu v’lo yiga’u,
Those who have hope in the Lord
will run and will not be weary. (Isaiah 40:31)

We will run again.

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