Voting is Officially Open!

Posted on: Tuesday January 21, 2020


Dear Colleagues and Friends of Our RA, 

Our staff and lay leadership are hard at work implementing the Our RA Vision Plan. Among our 10 Bold Statements are "עיין לציון" and "שותפות."

Indeed, from today, January 21, 2020 to March 11, 2020 we have the opportunity both personally and as the leaders of our various communities to act on our connection to the people and State of Israel, and also in partnership with the rest of the Conservative Movement. This opportunity is both to cast your vote, and to work with your congregation, campus, school/faculty, camp community, or family and friend group, to vote for the Mercaz (Slate #6) in the WZO Elections.

Voting in the elections, and specifically for Mercaz, accomplishes two important goals:

1. It gives those who are not citizens of Israel the opportunity to express support for religious freedom and pluralism.

2. It gives us the votes and power to obtain our fair share of funds - up to $1 billion annually - from the Jewish Agency for Israel towards building our movement's institutions and programs in Israel and throughout the world. In particular, these funds support the work of our colleagues in Israel and throughout the world, making the efforts of our colleagues in America all the more crucial.

In past elections, we have not risen to our potential. An increase in delegates is within our reach - but only if we all a) vote personally, and b) reach out to your community's leadership and members and ensure they vote as well.

1. Click here to cast your personal vote.

2. Go here to get the materials you need to set up a campaign for your community.

Thank you for supporting our colleagues, our movement, and the cause of religious freedom and pluralism in Israel.

Warm regards,
Jacob Blumenthal
Chief Executive, Rabbinical Assembly