Taharah and Shmirah

What is Taharah?
by Rick Light and David Zinner
The components of the physical process, as well as the three underlying concepts – Kehillah, Kavanah and Tefilah

Chesed Shel Emet, The Truest Act of Kindness
by Stuart Kelman and Dan Fendel
Taharah practices have deep historical roots. Beginning in Mishnaic times, specific procedures and customs evolved in various locations and through many generations. As a result, numerous traditions exist today. This booklet is one link in the chain of our Jewish tradition. It details the ritual of preparing a body for burial. Includes a liturgical understanding of the prayers that are said while performing a taharah. 

To Midwife A Soul, Guidelines for Performing Taharah
by Rick Light 
For those who perform the holy ritual of Tahara, preparation of Jewish deceased for burial. For use by any community. Formatted for ease of use in the Tahara room as well as for education and teaching. Includes the musical Hebrew chanting notations of Rabbi Shefa Gold. 

Final Kindness: Honoring K'rovei Yisrael: Guidelines for Burial Preparation of Non-Jews Who Are Part of The Jewish Community
by Rick Light 
When the Jewish spouse requests that their non-Jewish loved-one be buried as a Jew. Many chevrot and synagogues simply deny the request, stating that Jewish practices are for Jews only. Extends the scope of the current Jewish umbrella under which our dead are respectfully prepared for burial. Every Chevra Kadisha needs to be ready to handle the changing times of today's world. Thus, every community in which there are mixed-religion marriages needs this manual.

What is Shmirah?
by Rick Light and David Zinner
What, why and the importance of Shmirah

Relevant Teshuvot: