T’filah L’Chayalei Artzot Ha-B’rit/Prayer for America’s Military Personnel

Distributed with permission from the Jewish Welfare Board's Jewish Chaplains Council

By Gerald C. Skolnik

Ribbono Shel Olam!
Sovereign of the Universe!

We invoke your blessings upon the members of our American armed forces, those brave men and women whose courage and commitment to our country protects us all.

Whether by air, land or sea, wherever their orders take them, we ask, dear God, that they be protected within your sheltering Presence. Shield them from harm and from pain, assuage their loneliness, and sustain their faith in the face of the formidable enemies that they confront on a daily basis. May all of their efforts be crowned with victory, and the assurance that we who depend on their courage appreciate and understand the great difficulty of their work.

Most of all, we pray what for all soldiers is the ultimate prayer – that they be privileged to return to the loving arms of their families and a grateful country safely, speedily, and in good health. Because of their courage, may we all be privileged to know and savor the blessings of true peace and security.