The Shofar Project 5781

The High Holidays are approaching and, with them, a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth. Our RA is therefore very happy to be partnering with The Institute for Jewish Spirituality on The Shofar Project 5781, a free program open to all who want to make this a year of continued awakening, responsiveness, renewal, and transformation.

Presented in partnership with an inspiring, multi-denominational coalition of organizations, The Shofar Project will take place during the Hebrew month of Elul, a traditional period for spiritual reflection, introspection, and moral accounting (August 8 - September 6). This year’s Shofar Project will focus in particular on release: of our control of our planet and other human beings, as well as habits of mind and behavior that create an unjust society.

Each week of The Shofar Project you will be introduced to a teaching by a member of the IJS faculty that frames the theme for the week’s practice. After you register, you will also receive access to over 25 free online events that explore the week’s themes of ShemitahRegister here.