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It’s time to register for the next series of ScholarStream! Individuals may register for ScholarStream 5782 here. If you are part of a synagogue or organization interested in sponsoring ScholarStream, please click here. We are grateful to the many organizations who have already signed on as ScholarStream sponsors - see the full list here. Annual sponsors will receive recordings of all past sessions.

Our series on The Roots of Conservative Judaism will begin on Tuesday, December 7. Please register by 5:00 PM ET on Monday, December 6 to make sure you receive the Zoom link for Session 1. Our moderator for these session will be Alex Friedman from JTS.

Conservative Judaism: Origins, History, Assets and Opportunities
Tuesday, December 7 at 8:00 PM ET (5:00 PM PT)
Chancellor Shuly Rubin Schwartz, JTS
Description: Conservative Judaism provided a compelling vision for a Judaism—traditional in orientation and embracing of evolutionary change—that captured the hearts and minds of so many twentieth century American Jews. What were its origins? Why/how did JTS serve as its incubator and disseminator? And why am I convinced that Conservative Judaism is well poised to meet the religious needs of North American Jews in the current moment?


The Theological Grounding of Conservative Judaism
Tuesday, December 14 at 8:00 PM ET (5:00 PM PT)
Rabbi Elliot Dorff, Ziegler
Description: Historical and sociological factors played important roles in the creation of the Conservative movement in both Germany and the United States. This session will focus on the theological commitments that created the movement and still ground its approach to text study, law, Israel, and God.


The Torah of Conservative Judaism
Tuesday, December 21 at 8:00 PM ET (5:00 PM PT)
Rabbi Gordon Tucker, JTS
Description: From its inception, Conservative Judaism has stood for a particular way of approaching, studying, and even defining Torah. The energizing encounter between the academic and the religiously committed has characterized The Jewish Theological Seminary, the Conservative Movement’s flagship institution, since its founding. In this session, we will consider the notable contributions to this special culture of Torah made by some of the significant figures in the history of JTS and our Movement.


Stay tuned! Descriptions for our fourth series on The Other Within: Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in a Pluralistic Movement starting on January 19, 2022 will be announced soon. Themes will include pathways to leadership for Jews who are blind, the experiences of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Jews at Shabbat services, internal Jewish religious strife, and more.