Rabbinical Assembly, United Synagogue Congratulate New Israeli Government

Posted on: Sunday June 13, 2021

In response to the Israeli Knesset’s election of Naftali Bennett as the country’s next prime minister, and the approval of a new governing coalition, with Yair Lapid as Alternate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) and United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) issued the following joint statement:

“We look forward to forging a new relationship with Israel’s new prime minister as he steps into his leadership role. The RA and USCJ also extend a hearty mazal tov to its former Labor leader, Isaac 'Bougie' Herzog, the chairman of the Jewish Agency, on his election as Israel’s 11th president. After weeks of violence across the region and months of uncertainty in the Knesset, this historic coalition - and soon this new president - have a unique opportunity to cultivate tolerance and cooperation among Israel and its neighbors.

“Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, CEO of both the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Rabbinical Assembly, said ‘We pray for continued strength and solidarity of the Jewish people, across movements and continents, and celebrate the pluralism that drives the new Israeli government. We have faith that elected leaders will strive to forge bonds of common ground, not stoke the flames of division.’ And weekly in synagogue we collectively pray for the welfare of the State and the wellbeing of its leaders.”

About the Rabbinical Assembly

The Rabbinical Assembly is the international association of Conservative rabbis. Since its founding in 1901, the Assembly has been the creative force shaping the ideology, programs, and practices of the Conservative movement, and is committed to building and strengthening the totality of Jewish life. The Assembly publishes learned texts, prayer books, and works of Jewish interest; and it administers the work of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards for the Conservative movement. It also serves the professional and personal needs of its membership through publications, conferences, and benefit programs, and it coordinates the Joint Placement Commission of the Conservative movement. Rabbis of the Assembly serve congregations throughout the world, and also work as educators, officers of communal service organizations, and college, hospital, and military chaplains. More information at www.rabbinicalassembly.org.

About United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

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