A Prayer for Tucson

Posted on: Tuesday January 18, 2011

On this Shabbat Shira, the Sabbath of Song,
We sing to God a song of grief
For innocent victims
Cut down too soon.

May their memories be a blessing,
May their lights shine brightly upon us.
Gather them into Your eternal shelter, God,
Your shelter of peace.

We sing to God a song of mourning
For the broken hearts,
The senseless loss, the shock, the emptiness.
Send comfort, God, to the grieving families,

Hear their cries.
Fill them with the courage
To carry on in the face of loss.
We sing to God a song of healing
For the wounded.

Lift them up God,
Ease their pain,
Restore them to strength, to hope, to life.

We sing to God a song of peace
For our nation.
Teach us how to rise above hatred
And cruelty and indifference.
Show us how to live up to the beauty You've planted within us.

Let us rise up from this tragedy,
Let us walk together hand in hand
United in hope
On a path of peace, Amen.

 -by Rabbi Naomi Levy