Newtown Shooting: A Prayer

by Rick Sherwin

Our thoughts are with the friends and families of those whose lives were taken.
In light of this tragedy, we offer this prayer:

Embracing God,
While some ask where are You
that wanton disregard for life
violates all moral standards
in schools, theaters and malls,
we know exactly where You are,
even as You cry in Heaven above
and within our hearts.

You are in those who respond to terror,
offering comfort and compassion
emergency care and medical attention
holding parents as they cry
and calming the shattered innocence
of children. 
We recall the words of the Psalmist (6.7)
Our souls burn with deep, searing pain;
how long, Eternal God, will this continue.

We know Your response:
Until you use My gifts:
your resolve to step forward
your strength to speak out
your mouths to speak up;
your insistence not to let your vulnerability
make you feel powerless.

May we see the day when we need not fear
to send our children into the world,
when Your Voice of Conscience guides all.

May we see the fulfillment of the message
offered by the prophet Ezekiel:
And they shall no more be a prey within the nation,
nor shall the beast of the land devour them;
but they shall dwell safely,
and none shall make them afraid.

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