Mindful Jewish Living: Compassionate Practice

Posted on: Friday August 10, 2012


Jonathan P. Slater
HC ISBN: 0-916219-23-2
PPB ISBN: 978-0-916219-23-9
Pages: 300

The practice of mindfulness is defined as "the capacity to see clearly, with calm and awakened mind and heart, the truth of each moment of our lives." This awareness is both liberating and compelling. When we recognize the truth of what is - without imposing bias or preference, without rejecting it in pain or grasping it in fear - we are free to embrace the fullness of all that life presents, both joyous and painful. Jewish thought and practice, particularly when viewed through the lens of Hasidic teaching and theology, undergird a mindful spirituality. In laying the foundation for mindful Jewish practice, Rabbi Jonathan Slater examines Jewish sources and applies their teachings to the practices of meditation and mindfulness. Drawing from Hasidic texts, largely from the circle of R. Dov Baer, the Maggid of Mezritch, as well as liturgical, talmudic, and midrashic sources, Rabbi Slater demonstrates how Jewish teachings help to sustain a mindful practice. The book is introduced by Sylvia Boorstein.

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