Livestreaming on Shabbat and Haggim

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to share the teshuvah about livestreaming on Shabbat and haggim that was passed by the CJLS on Wednesday, May 13. This teshuvah, authored by Joshua Heller, had been in the works for some time. Given its relevance to our current situation, the CJLS gave it priority consideration.

We recognize the uniqueness of each congregation and the role of the rabbi as mara d'atra, and we know that colleagues will be challenged to figure out how to guide their communities through the coming months, especially as we approach the yamim noraim. As you consider the relevance of this teshuvah for your community, we also want to draw your attention to a statement previously released by the CJLS designed to provide additional guidance for colleagues.

We are dealing with unprecedented challenges in providing the Jewish people with opportunities for communal prayer, celebrating lifecycle events and staying connected to Jewish life. We believe in the ability of our rabbis to face these challenges and want to provide you with resources to be able to do so. Perhaps more than ever before, rabbis are being called upon for courageous leadership and vision to guide our communities through challenging times. As we anticipate that restrictions on communal prayer will probably last for many months, we encourage you to consider how to help your communities thrive during these times, rather than just survive.

In upcoming days we have scheduled an opportunity to discuss the teshuvah with our colleague Joshua Heller and also be in discussion about High Holiday planning (please note that these sessions are for Rabbinical Assembly rabbis only). We will be providing more resources and opportunities to come together, and meanwhile feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments, and concerns.

Warm regards,
Stewart Vogel                                                             Jacob Blumenthal
President                                                                    Chief Executive