Posted on: Friday June 7, 2013

Students will acquire a basic knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet as well as Hebrew words and expressions that relate to the topic of each class.

Class sessions will focus on various aspects of these subjects:

  • The Structure of “Jewish Time”: Shabbat & Holidays
  • People of the Book(s): The Bible & Rabbinic Texts
  • The Life Cycle in Jewish Tradition
  • Jewish History
  • The Synagogue & Jewish Prayer
  • Ethics & Values
  • Jewish Theology
  • Contemporary Jewish Life

Below you will find some of the books that are used in this course but please wait to purchase books until you hear from your instructor as to the particular books that will be used in your class:

  • The Hebrew Bible (also called Tanakh) - Jewish Publication Society translation (1985). This English translation of the Hebrew Bible is available in paperback which makes sense since it will be referenced often in class, but of course you're welcome to get any version of this 1985 translation.) You may also purchase a Hebrew/English version of this Bible, but it is very heavy and the paper is very thin!
  • To Life! - Harold Kushner (available in paperback on Amazon)
  • A Short History of the Jewish People: From Legendary Times to Modern Statehood, Raymond P. Scheindlin (available in paperback on Amazon)
  • Siddur Sim Shalom - The Conservative Movement prayerbook, pocket version in paperback or hardcover (available on the website of the Rabbinical Assembly -
  • The Observant Life - Martin S. Cohen, Senior Editor – An essential text on all aspects of the Conservative Movement, also available on the RA website.
  • We will use the Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew book  by Simon and Anderson. It’s inexpensive and available on Amazon. You may also want to check out the audio book which can be a great help in learning how to pronounce Hebrew words.